Motion accepts only a limited number of members per country.


Only selected agents who are trustful and reliable joins us.


With Motion you have the possibility to increase your worldwide business.


We are guys from the logistic,
innovators and tekkies

Motion First has been established in October 2014 and in the same time it was the kick off for Motion Logistics Network. Motion First score with personality and a combination of modern tools and the old tradition. Regular visits to its members and face to face appointments strengthen the relationship between Motion and its members since the very first day.

Motion was founded in 2014 as an internationally operating network for logistics companies all over the world. Motion addresses all departments of logistics, from air and sea to niche sectors like fairs & exhibitions or project logistics. From years of experience in logistics and networking, the partners of Motion have realised that there are changes to be made in the field of networking. Quite a number of providers in the market just go for fast money, only a few have the whole issue in mind.

As a network Motion will break down outdated and rigid structures in networking. A network is expected to live, to pulsate, to move and, in any case, to be ready for changes in the market. Motion will be constantly on the move for its members. Motion aims at knowing its members instead of meeting them at the annual conferences only. This is how relations are supposed to develop, how trust is expected to be built and how objectives are to be pursued successfully. Motion wishes to really know its members in order to better meet individual needs. Motion wants to be personal and present, not just formally providing a network platform but steadily looking for optimisation, adaption and improvement.

With attractive tools and incentives Motion First does provide several opportunities to its members to gain profit and enlarge business. Become a part of Motion First, join the group, widen your horizon, make new friends and enlarge your business opportunities.

We want to keep our members in motion and to present this slogan readily in order to make our network succeed. We look forward to build a closer partnership with you! To those joining us: Welcome on board!

Daniel Jakob

Daniel Jakob

T: +49 (0) 7161 6285 14
E: Write me
Motion Logistics Network
Ulrichstrasse 35
73033 Goeppingen
Alexander Muzenhardt

Alexander Muzenhardt
Project & Event Manager

T: +49 (0) 7161 6285 295
E: Write me
Motion Logistics Network
Ulrichstrasse 35
73033 Goeppingen

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Why networking?

Networking means to build up and cultivate private and business contacts. Our goal is to gather worldwide freight forwarders who can help each other with the best service and quality. The cooperation and support between the members of a network in a networking association is the power and strength to get more business and opportunities. Together with our annual conferences we offer the best base to start a long-term business relationship.

Annual conferences

Always different and well chosen locations all over the world.

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Payment protection

Your money is protected if you work with our members.

Financial check

Each member gets a financial check, is trustful and reliable.


Official e-magazine with important information about the network.

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Recommendation System

Recommend agents all over the world and get a reward.

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Profit Share

Be active, work with our members and get a profit from us.

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Incentive Plans

We work with airlines and ocean carriers to work out attractive incentives.


We have a nice IT-Software to make the search for a member easier.


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Conference Dubai

The Motion Conference Dubai 2016 was the very first Motion conferences.



Conference Stuttgart

Motions second conference took place in Stuttgart, Germany.



Conference Shanghai

Motions third conference took place in Shanghai, China.



Conference Colombo

Motions fourth conference take place in the lovely capital of Sri Lanka.


How can I register?

You can register by filling out the application form You will get the application form from the Motion Team.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee is composed of the membership fee itself and the trust fund fee.
For further information Get in contact with us

How often are the Motion conferences?

We have one conference per year. Every year we change the country and usually the continent as well to ensure that everybody has the chance to enjoy a short distance journey.

How can I get my login details?

After your successful registration, we send you the login details to enter the Motion member list.

Does Motion offer a payment protection?

Yes, we offer a payment protection for all members within the Motion First network.
For further information Get in contact with us

Where can I find the member list?

Motion offers two different ways to find the members. You can download the Motion member list as Excel sheet at the Motion Newsletter (sent out every Monday), or you login the Motion member directory with your login details you got from Motion.

What tools and benefits does Motion offer?

Motion offers several attractive tools and packages where you can benefit from.

  • Motion Profit Share System
  • Motion Recommendation System
  • Motion Ocean Freight Incentive Program (Under construction)
  • Motion Airline Incentive Program (Under construction)

How does the Profit Share System work?

Motion will honor each shipment you handle with a member from our Network*:

Please send your documents to docs@motion-logisticsnetwork.com to get the Motion Profit Share. If you have questions about this tool, please feel free to contact us.

*Payable only for the active agent (Giving Agent) and only for sent invoices and full paid members.

For further information Get in contact with us

How does the Recommendation System work?

For each successful recommendation (Freight Forwarding company you have recommended join Motion) you will get a kickback from us to your account. The level of the amount depends on the country where the agent is located.
For further information Get in contact with us

Get in contact with us

Motion Logistics Network GmbH
Ulrichstrasse 35
73035 Goeppingen
Contact details:
+49 (0) 7161 6285 14

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